Thursday, November 23, 2017

Superheroes at School

School is always a safe and fun place to be, but today it was extra special and fun with Hulk Smash and Spiderman looking out for everyone in Rata Rima. 

We were also super lucky and got our reward for filling up our Gem Jar this year - we watched Horton Hears a Who and we learnt that "a person's a person, no matter how small." We are all important. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We're in the band!

During MOOT time today, a few children from Rata 6 and Rata 5 played with some musical instruments. They had so much fun that we simply had to have a concert before morning tea time! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Character Dress Up Day

Everyone had such a wonderful time on Book Character Dress Up Day yesterday! It was so much fun having a class full of wonderful characters - princesses, transformers, lions, ninjas, wizards, cats, Paw Patrollers, Robin Hood... 

Mr. Smith was dressed up as Captain Hook and he picked Sam to walk the plank! Luckily the school decided the Lion could walk free, and Sam was allowed to walk back to join Rata Rima without walking the plank. 

Here are a couple of photos from our assembly:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcome back to Term 4 :)

A warm welcome back to everyone for Term 4. We have a busy term of learning ahead of us, and it's lovely to be heading back in with everyone refreshed after a nice break!

Just a quick reminder that Term 4 is a sunhat term, so please make sure your child has a brimmed sunhat for playing outside during morning tea, lunch, and P.E. lessons. It is advisable to apply sunblock in the morning before school as well, or to pop some in your child's school bag to re-apply during the day. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A catch up from Rata Rima

What a busy term we've been having! We have learnt all about community superheroes, we have done beautiful calendar art, we have been learning to play football, we have had our readathon... and there's still another week to go! Here are some photos from the last few weeks of all the amazing things we've been up to:

 At our Ole Football lesson we learnt to dribble the ball with the side or top of our feet, and we all scored lots of goals. Thank you James for teaching us!

To tie up our Superhero Inquiry this term, Rata syndicate decided to organise a school-wide onesie day on Friday. We raised over $500 for the Wellington Free Ambulance - one of the community superheroes we learnt about was paramedics, so it was wonderful to be able to fundraise so much money for them to say thank you for all the great things they do for us all. 

Next week we have our whole school assembly, and we will be presenting some really beautiful artwork. We are looking forward to sharing our gorgeous art with everyone. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Real Life Superheroes: Fire Service

This week we were extraordinarily lucky and had a visit from our local Fire Service!! 
We all asked lots of questions, and we learnt that:

- if we need the fire service, we need to dial 111, tell the operator we need the fire service, and we will need to know our full name and address.
- a fire truck holds 1400 litres of water,
- the Porirua fire station has been there for 65 years!
- firefighters do other jobs too - Chloe from Rata 1's Grandad, George, is a firefighter AND a boat builder
- firefighters breathe can breathe in fires by wearing special equipment called a breathing apparatus. It makes beeps and whistles, and you can hear the firefighter breathing. If we are ever in a fire and hear this sound we should not be afraid of it, because it's a good sound and means help is on the way.
- Porirua Fire Service has about 1200 call outs a year, not just to fight fires! They also help with floods, traffic accidents, or any emergency that needs an immediate hands on response.
- Firefighters used to carry axes on their belts to be able to get into houses to fight fires. They use different tools now.
- Some firefighters, like Kieran, used to do other jobs. He used to be an ambulance officer.
- Firefighters go into fires in pairs (with a buddy), to keep each other safe.

We also learnt all about the special protective clothing firefighters wear when they're fighting fires. 
Their boots have steel toe caps and soles to protect their feet from nails and anything falling. 
Firefighter's pants are 4 layers thick, and have thick black patches on their knees to protect them. There are reflective panels that mean we can see the firefighters in the dark! The full set of pants and coat cost about $2000, and every firefighter has one.
Firefighters wear a 'flash hood' under their helmet to protect their ears from getting burnt, and then a helmet to protect their head. The helmet has a flap at the back to protect their neck from anything falling.
Lastly, firefighters put on their gloves once they're all ready to fight fires, to protect their hands.

Here are some photos from their visit:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Maths Week

This week is Maths Week all around Aotearoa. We made maths monsters and put them on our wall! They are glyphs, which are a way for us to gather and display data.

Ours tell us:
1. Circles are girls, triangles are boys.
2. The number of eyes is how many people are in our family. 
3. The number of hairs is how many letters are in our name. 
4.  The number of teeth is how old we are (but some of us didn't quite get our teeth finished so we look a lot younger than we are!). 

Can you guess who made each monster?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Term 3 is underway!

What a busy time we are having in Rata Rima this term so far!

We have so many new faces in our class; welcome to Harper, Grace, Isaac, Nathan, Julia, Jesse, and Maya! We are loving having you with us in Rata Rima at Papakowhai School.

Earlier this week, we learnt a little bit about volcanoes, and did a science experiment to see how they explode! We turned our science experiment into writing and wrote some awesome stories. 

Here are some photos from our experiment:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bug Hotels

It's winter and that means that our bugs need somewhere warm to hide when it's cold! When Harper, Isaac, and Nathan visited us last week, we made bug hotels to keep minibeasts and insects warm over winter. 

We decorated cardboard tubes, then found dry leaves and bark to stuff the tubes and give insects somewhere to hide. Today, we found the perfect place to keep our bug hotel! We went for an adventure over the rainbow, and found a small tree that our bug hotel fit into really nicely. 

This afternoon we also learnt about worms, and did the compost all together! It was so smelly, but the worms love it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Silver Medalists!

At today's Hui, Rata Rima was awarded the Silver Medal by Mrs Dacre for our outstanding sitting and listening, and keeping still and sensible even when Liam's Golden Ticket was drawn out of the box to win an ice block! Well done Rata Rima! :)

Strike Percussion

In week 7, we had a visit from Strike Percussion - and we had so much fun! We were all dancing and getting into the groove of the rhythm, even though it was very loud! Here are a couple of photos of their performance. They even played music with fire!!!

Superheroes at School

School is always a safe and fun place to be, but today it was extra special and fun with Hulk Smash and Spiderman looking out for everyone i...